This website is dedicated to Pt. Haribhau Upadhyaya
With the passage of time, the importance of historic events and those who participated in them begins to fade from people’s mind. In early part of 20th century, many people participated in the freedom struggle of India. During that time, along with the freedom movement, social reforms and development of Hindi literature were also occurring. Only a few people could make major contributions in all three areas and one of them is Hari Bhau Ji Upadhyaya--also known as Da Sahab. His contributions have been well documented. More importantly, his life demonstrated that Gandhian principles can be successfully implemented in personal, social and political life. Although he had held many high political positions, he continued to write and his life stayed simple. His life story can inspire and guide people of present and coming generations. This web site is an attempt to collect, preserve and document his works, ideas and achievements.
1st Chief Minister of AJMER State in 1952
Finance, Education and Panchayat Raj Minister of Rajasthan.
Padam Bhushan in 1966
Tamra Patra in 1972
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