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End of good deeds (Punyaha)

It was dark,
When the blessed east
Glimpsed hope by seeing the lines,
Written by the rays of the
Rising red sun
“Do not be afraid. I have come”.

However, burning with the jealousy and fears
Rahu and Ketu (evil demons) swallowed the sun,
Which became weak today
As the world realized that
Gandhiji has been arrested.
This may be end of the good deeds in India.

18th March 1923. Sabarmati. (when Gandhiji was arrested)

You Came (Too Aayaa)

The world was misguided;
People were under the intoxicating effect of sleep,
The commonsense was blinded,
The judgment was brutal.
The stupidity was maddening,
And the truth was imprisoned,
Arrogance was amazingly common;
Everyone was confounded by the illusion.
Then inspired by the good deeds of our ancestors,
You came with magnetic charming personality
And brought brilliant inner strength.

Code of conduct for life was paralyzed.
The initiative for activity was feeble,
Ungodliness was respected.
Love was defeated
And power, violence and greed were celebrated.
God was forgotten.
Wickedness was rampant.
Then you came and
Brought power of truth.

 Nature was gloomy,
Evil actions were praised;
Cruelty and injustice corrupted culture.
Vindictiveness and violence were
Accepted and honored
Then to make human
Equal to God
You came
And brought compassion.

In you East saw Gautam (Buddha) and
West saw Christ.
Demons and evils saw their death.
You came to awaken India
And lead it to the path of progress and freedom.
The world saw
A spiritual leader and
The heavens celebrated
Your arrival by singing your praise.
“Finally you came,
You came.”

Oct 1923. Sabarmati.


When humanity suffered pain and miseries,
She cried and begged heaven to
Send a model of kindness, generosity and compassion
To the world.
The representative of
Buddha and Christ
Came to the world to
Uplift their fame, glory and pride.

His eyes tell the
Story of the whole world’s unhappiness and sadness.
His mouth tells the
Story of Prabhu’s  (God’s) beautiful glorious creation.
How much radiance
Is there in his small bones!
He is so bright
As if sun has
Descended to earth.

He is Hindu’s soul mate;
Muslim’s loving brother
And Christian’s compassion.
“Kind heart”
Is his other name.
He is the real live model
For the future.
He is a unique gift
From Bharat to the world.

Even to his enemies he says,
“My love is with you.
My answer to your weapon
Is my empty hands”.

He replaced the cruel and evil policies
With justice, truth
That surprised his critics.
The politicians and the knowledgeable people‘s belief was
That to act on his principles
Was useless and futile,
But now the world is
Illuminated by those policies.
His success is spreading.
 When the enemies
Attack with arrows and firearms,
He sends them
His love and flowers as gifts
With charming smile on his lips.

1932. Ajmer Jail.

Changed Better Luck (Bhagyoduy)

Why is eastern sky so happy
That it is glowing red?

For whom dawn is
Anxiously waiting with the
Golden rays of lamp
In her hand to worship?

Why the flocks of birds are so crazily happy that
They sing the songs
From deep within their hearts?
Why the fragrant lotus clusters
Full of nectar are smiling?
Why delicate wines are swaying with pride
In the gentle breeze?
Why the completely alert trees proudly
Holding their heads high up in sky
And staring at east?
Why honeybees are happily buzzing from flower to flower?
Why nature’s smile is so sweet?

“Who is peeping from the horizon
 Like a round smokeless fire ball,
Circling rhythmically and laboriously
Spreading divine enthusiasm
In all directions”?

A vital force of the life,
Sun to the world,

Deity to the devotee
And eyes to the blind,
Nature has found
Its lost treasure and
East is grateful because
Its luck has changed for better.

Date not written.

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