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Offering (Arpan)

My all actions, performed
Through my eyes, ears, hands and feet,
Good or bad,
Just or unjust,
With or without
Intelligence, persistence, inspiration
And intentions
Are offered to you
With my utmost devotion.
Please accept them.

1930. Ajmer Jail.

You and I (Too and Mai)

There is no difference,
Between you and me.
I am only what You are.
Is the rain drop
Different from the ocean?
I am only what You are.

If You are a seed of the plant
Then I am a flower growing
In your garden.
 If You are the red rising sun
From the east
Then I am the golden ray
Of that dawn.

 If You are the sweet melodious music,
I am the main note of the seven notes
That compose Your music.

You exist
Because I exist,
So now You tell me,
Who is the creator,
You or I?

If I desire,
Put my mind to it,
I can change the world.
All I have to do is
To understand the deep secret that,
I am only what You are.

April 1923. Sabarmati.

Meditation (Ekakar)

I felt the world is one of Your forms.
As my intellect slept,
Divine soul in me awakened.
I flew so high in the sky
That world looked like a painting.
Then painting disappeared,
 I lost my physical form.
I got lost in the blue ocean,
In the golden sky
And in the vibrating heavenly music.
All senses retracted within me
Like a steady flame of a lamp.
I experienced completeness
In nothingness
As the existence of this world receded.
I discovered that
The secret of oneness is in diversity.
Forgetting the differences
Makes mind clear and struggle-free.
I entered the realm of
Eternal peace and joy.
Feb 1950. Delhi.

Desire (Armaan)

“Devotee, ask for Your wish.
I have been pulled
By the thread of Your love
To your door.”

“When You are here,
What is the use of any wish?
When I have found the most desired gem,
Why should I look for the mine?”

“Then I am Yours, dear,
 Let me have that honor.”

“You are mine?
I am happy with a single drop of the ocean of Your love.

My desire is that
I may continue to sink deeper and deeper
In that ocean
And never come to the surface.”


True love (Sacchi Preeti)

Today I found my true love.
Although this body is getting weak,
My mind found pleasant youth
From the king of season,
The spring.

I was absorbed in the outside world,
Drinking sweet intoxicating wine
And enjoying the worldly beauties.
When I was within the grasp of death,
I found the ship,
The clever captain of which
Laughed at my foolishness
But carried me through the stormy waves
To the land of elixir.

My self-centered desires vanished,
The worldly problems solved,
Poisonous evils left me
In this newly formed society.

 Suddenly my sorrows and unhappiness
My self-centered chains of worldliness and poisonous spells of demons
As I reached
The highest level happiness.

My intense planning, cunningness, sadness,
And worries from heart ,
Confusion from my mind

Success came from love,
From the knowable unknowable came
And from my heart You came in this divine kingdom.

Feb 1950. Delhi.

My Belovedís Kingdom (Priya ka Raj)

I am so fortunate and grateful that
Today my Dev (God) has come to my home.
For his worship,
Let me get everything ready.
I am so greatful
My luck has changed for better.

Bring the flowers,
Lit essence,
And light all the lamps, my friends.
Why should be I hesitant?

Creator, the lord of the universe
Is here at my door,
Leaving behind his royal crown.
I forgot the rules and etiquettes.
I hugged Him with all my heart and
Was lost in Him.

I realized that
He exists in everything and everywhere;
In the flowers, in fragrance,
And in lamps.
Wherever I see,
I find Him.
It is all due to His love.

Today it is only difference of words
In this loving world,
Whether He is the beloved
Or I am.

 Feb 1950. Delhi.

Wait God ! (Thaharo Prabhuji)

Bhagwan (God) has come to the devotee’s home!

“How come You arrived
So suddenly today?
 I live under the tree
Do not have anything ready
For Your welcome.”

I came to you running
Leaving my heavenly vehicle,
My dear.
I am very tired”.

“But I have nothing ready for Your worship
Nothing to offer at Your lotus feet.
As You know,
I am untouchable, a lower class person,
Please, do no insult
And laugh at me.

If  You have come,
Please wait.
First I have to get something done.

There is a poor, sad and helpless farmer
Dying in the village,
Who has called me for help.
Let me go there and help him first,
Then I will come.
To serve him is
Your true worship and the
Utmost respect
I can pay to You”.


What is truth (Such Kya)

I have heard that
Bhagwan (God) lives in the heart.
Then why His divine presence
Can be felt and seen in everything?
One who lives inside is real
Or the one who is out everywhere?
Or it is the same one,
Who is inside
As well as outside?
If this is true then
Why there is a perception of
Yours and mine?
Why Hey a source of Knowledge,
You have spread
That much ignorance?
If you did that,
It is done,
Now please take away Your powerful illusion.
Help me
With my surprised and confused mind;
I came to Your shelter.

Who is great? (Mahan Kaun?)

Am I great or You are?
Please tell me, hey provider of the world?

This is a contest
Between You and me.
It is necessary to arrive to
Correct conclusion.

 I am small but
You are smaller because
You live
Inside my heart.
You support the entire universe so
You have to be great.

 If You are great then
Why did You not  make anyone
Greater than Yourself?
What favor you did by making everyone
Smaller than You.

 Is it not true that
The great ones are those,
Who help the smaller ones
To rise to a
Higher level than them?

How can one reach to the
Other side of the world
If one cannot understand
Your ways?

Ajmer. 1958

Where are you hidden? (Kaha Chipe)?

Where are You hiding Hey protector of the world (God)?

 You come and go as You wish
 I cannot catch You.

 It is said that
You, Natnaagar (Krishna) live with everyone,
But when I look for You
In all four directions,
I cannot find you.
Where are You hiding?


You are only one (Tum ho Ek)

Why do You hide Your identity?

Do You want to trick me
By assuming several forms, Mahesh (God)?

Sometimes You pretend to be a charming beauty Mohini (Godess)
Sometimes You come as a beggar.

You appear as Bal Mukund (Child Krishna)
Who appears here and there
Or even in the other country.

You have lost your true form
You have become an imposter.

What pleasure do You derive
By tricking Your devotees?
If You like to,
You may change into many forms,
But assure me that
You are only one.

It is not wise to have that much variety.
Your own form, country, culture and identity should be maintained..


What is the difference? (Kya Fark)

O Great knowledgeable!
Why have You created
So many forms and flavors?
Why have You made tender lotus flower
To tempt the honeyees?

Why several delicate buds transform
Into lovely flowers?

Why the sweet songs of the birds
Indicate arrival of lovely youthful spring?

By creating variety of beautiful objects,
You have misguided all.

Is it fault of honeybee
To be attracted to the fragrant beautiful flowers?

If this charming creation is only one of Your form,
Then what is the difference
If I stay trapped in this illusion
Or try to get myself free from it?


This secret (Yeh Raz)

Why do You stop me?
I am sticking to truth.
I am self sufficient;
Proudly stand on my own
To fight the thunder and lightning.
Why should I be afraid of lion?
 Despite of its external appearance,
It is only the skin.
Whatever is in an ant
Is same what is in the lion.
The difference between human and wild animals is
Only their external appearances.
The core of all creatures is the same.
Hey thunder storm,
You better understand
The secret reason why I am not afraid of you
Or anyone is that
In me is the creator
Who made both you and me.
I stand on His strength.


Came to trick me (Chalne Aayaa)

Why did You come as a snake Oh owner of my world?
In Your bite I felt You.
You hid poison in Your mouth
Spread Your hood.
I however
Drank a nice cup of elixir from You.
This gift of Yours
Have performed a magic.
Your poisonous tooth
Transformed into a
Loving gift for me.
The secret is that although
You came in a disguise to trick me
Yet I recognized You .

Justice or Compassion (Nyaya ya Daya)

Is justice or compassion Your preferred form?

You are the master of
Both justice and compassion
Both these forms are truly unique.

The fire burns everything.
Bright sun melts the ice.
Powerful wind shakes the entire world.
No one escapes from these laws of nature.
Everyone, a king or a beggar is equally affected.

One gets the credit for the good deeds
And falls in everyone’s eyes
As a result of the bad actions.
This is justice.
So where is Your compassion?

Meera (a well known devotee) survived
Even after drinking poison.
Fire could not touch Prahalad (A child devotee).
Mighty elephant was saved from the clutches of alligator in a second.
This is your warm compassion.
So where is Your justice?

I just understood the secret;
Tell me if it is true.
Justice is for daily life routine;
A code of conduct
And compassion is
For special circumstances.

If one lives the daily life
By the code of conduct,
One earns Your kind generosity by Your grace.

Not dated

True Knowledge (Saccha Gyan)

Is this world one of Your forms?
Why worship and meditation are necessary to please this formless form?

Through the magnificent, sky-kissing Himalaya,
The deep bottomless ocean filled with blue water
And Ganga and Sindhu’s sacred water,
You provide the gift of life to all.
Bright sun, moon and stars,
Fragrant breeze and brilliant illuminated rays,
All are clues to your identity.

Qualities and faults,
Good and bad,
Strong and weak,
Rich and poor
And various aspects of different cultures
Are expressions of Your own self.

Why, one spends the time and energy
To chase the unknown and unseen future
And ignores what one has?
Life, universe and Ishwar (God); these three,
Nature and creator (Self) these two
Are all many forms of You?
Or just You, manifested in these forms?
Please tell me.
Are there many or just one of You?

With my eyes I can see three,
But when I actually think, there are two
And with the experience,
The true knowledge comes that 
You are only one.


Sweet Union (Madhu- Milan)

May your union be sweet, blessed and auspicious.

May you become
Beloved of everyone and
You give happiness to all.

Man becomes complete
With both beauty and qualities.
Combined with sacrifice and Ishwar’s (God’s)help,
He may achieve a divine status.

All your friends and relatives will be anxiously
Waiting for your visit.

With brave heart,
One can raise
High to the level of stars.

 With the pure love,
One becomes strong and unique.

With the service of mankind
One becomes supreme.

1st Nov 1958.

Why tempt me? (Kyo Lalchao)

Why do You tempt me King of Yadu (Krishna)?

Why do You charm me
With Your intoxicating beauty
With enchanting music of Your flute?

You tempt me
With Your lovely form and glorious actions,
You play with me like a friend and then forget me.

Why with all Your strength,
I feel weak?

Why with all oceans water available,
I am still thirsty?

Why with all brightness around me,
I am still in dark?

Why I feel like an orphan when
You are with me?

The beauty of Your powerful illusion
Hides Your true identity.

It creates a veil over my eyes,
Makes me unable to tear threads of it
And I repeatedly get trapped in it.


Wait for Whom (Kiski Rah)

For whom are you that sad,
Unhappy and lonely?
He lives in your heart
For a long time.
 Look inside your heart.
See the lights of several lamps lit by Your dear.

Tell me, what is your wish?
Who is following you like a shadow?
For whom is your sigh and cry?
Where are you going?

Ask all these questions
To your own heart,
To the daily struggle
Of your mind,
To your tuneless rhythm-less poems,
And ask it to the happiness of a
Completely unattached player.

What sign are you waiting for?
Why did you get tired of
Listening to your heart?
Forget the outside world,
You silly woman,
How could you not find
Who is inside you?

Who is singing heavenly sweet music in your ears?
He is there but you cannot see him.
How can anyone hide someone who he is inside the heart?
1st June. 1958

Found Treasure (Nidhi Payee)

I have found my own treasure.
I found my own auspicious treasure.
I am like a sage
Who finally has Your charming lovely vision
Residing in his eyes.
Suddenly today,
Like a dream
Guess who appeared?
Which reminded me of a
Compassionate voice
And lovely songs of Meera (a well known devotee).
Of brightness of a unique gem in
Mother India’s necklace.
Of  flow of gentle waves of heavenly river
Derived from pure white snow.
Like an echo of the sweet song played by
Saraswasti on her Veena.
Like tender thoughts of nature itself
Sweet and shy.
Is it real,
A dream
Or an illusion?
Could it be the power of a
Vulnerable poet’s heart that
Tansformed imagination into reality?

Or is it the true image of Prabhu (God),
Loving, generous, kind and compassionate
Came to give peace, strength, eternal happiness
And a sip of elixir for immortality?

1958 Aug.

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