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Spirit of Men (Purusharth)

“Whatever has to happen, will happen”
Is the secret inspiring motto
Of the loyal crazy patriotic people.

“Why shouldn’t I do it”?
 “I will do it”
 Is the song that comes
From the heart of the heroes.

“Let someone else do it”
 Is the wish of selfish person.

“Go ahead, conquer the world”
 Is the voice of the spirit of man.

18th Feb. 1923. Sabarmati.

Command (Aadesh)

Why do you stop?”

“My obligation towards my family stops me”.

This is a thorn,
In the path of freedom.

“What are you afraid of?”

This is the,
Root cause of slavery.

“Why do you cry?”
“Death makes me cry”.

But that is the way of life.
“Reach to your goal
 Or die in the attempts of reaching it”
 Is the command of
Our national leaders.

18th Feb. 1923. Sabarmati.

Message (Sandesh)

“Be careful when moving forwards.”

Logic always tells.

  “Do not worry about losing your life.”
    Is the call of heart.

“You cannot get it done,”
  Says the common sense.

“To act firmly on the decisions,
  Is the path to victory”
  A secret message of faith.

4th Feb. 1923 Sabarmati.

What does this mean? (Kya Arth)?

“I am ready to sacrifice”
  But I do not have faith.

 ”I welcome to suffer to get the country out of slavery”
  But I do not find opportunity to do it.

 “I am not afraid of dying but it really is useless.”

 What is the meaning of
 All these excuses?

2nd May 1923. Sabarmati. 

Sacrifice (Balidan)

 What is the straight route of independence?

 What gift one should offer to the Goddess of independence?
 What is the vital driving force of life?

 Who knows the art of service of mankind?

 What does the mother nation demands from us?

 What song every heart is chanting?

Where is the force of Jalia’s (a barbaric event in freedom fight) political victims?

Today what the entire nation needs
Is the sacrifice from all of us.

8th April 1932. Sabarmati. National week.

Victory Hymn (Vijay Mantra)

There is a fierce freedom fight.
 Show all that you have.
You are well prepared
With your weapons of truth and peace.
Do not be scared.
Keep on moving forward.
Sword of injustice is poisonous
So be careful.
Do not leave courage
And do not cling to your life.

Whatever may happen tomorrow,
Today, fight as if it is a play to win.
Bear the beating,
By concentrating on one thing and one thing only;
Winning; Winning and Winnig.

Do not pay attention
To the wounds you get.
You will be honored
With shower of flowers that
Even Dev (God) will be jealous of you.
You are brave,
Remember, our ancestors are Shivi and Dadhichi (Puranic characters who sacrificed all for truth and promise).
Keep their glory in mind,
Do not disappoint them.
Keep your head up proudly.
You are traveling through this world
And staying in a hotel
But you have to leave it one day
And only ashes will be left behind.

So do not hesitate.
Join the brave soldiers
And get hungry,
For the taste of victory
And when you get it,
Enjoy it.
Be one of them
And prove that you are a man.
Do not lower your head.
Do not lose the pride of our motherland.
Stay with the soldiers,
Do not run away.
Focus at the goal with determination
And then only you will be victorious.

The army that is in front of you
Has shining weapons
But it does not have spiritual strength.

 Their shining weapons
Will be blown away in the wind
As their policies do not have spiritual strength.
Do not be afraid of them
As they do not have
Any courage.

A wall of injustice and cruelty
Cannot stay forever.
It is surely ready to fall.
Brutality will be defeated.

Stay on your path
Of truth and peace.
Have invincible faith in yourself.

Help so that you can
Avoid putting your motherland to shame.
Gods will smile at you.
And shower the flowers from the sky
At you on your victory.

One day
It will happen suddenly,
Because the corrupted, cruel people
Have no courage and strength
To stop you
From dissolving this crumbling wall
Of injustice and cruelty.

So march forward with pride
Because you will be victorious.

1923. Sabarmati.

Immortal child (Amrit Santan)

 Wake up and rise
 Hey immortal child!
Pink glow of the dawn
Sings song of immortality.

Wake up--------------------------------------------------------------

Get new brilliant knowledge
For the new hopeful life.
 World has found
A new pride and prosperity
There is progress in all directions.

Wake up----------------------------------------------------------------

Why did you sleep again
After getting up
And lose all what you have gained so far?
One, who sleeps, loses all.
Get up and welcome the awareness.

 Wake up-------------------------------------------------------------------

You are not the child of sleep
And friend of laziness.
Staying inert is not in your nature.
You are the vital force of life.

Wake up -----------------------------------------------------------------------

World is not all that south
Life is not a dark night.
Humanity is not vanished.
Take this blessed auspicious gift of life.

Wake up -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Watch the golden-red rays
Of serene morning.
Smell the delicious
Fragrant gentle breeze.
Listen to
The whispering song of the nature.
Welcome the world.

Wake up---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oct 1925. Sabarmati.

Salute to Central India (Malav Bhumi)

Jai Jai ( Hail to) fruitful land of Central India!
You roam in
Vindhya Mountain ranges.
You are the
Sweetheart of Mother India. 
You are home
Of the lovely birds like peacocks and cuckoo.
You produce variety of
Nuts and fruits including sweet mangoes.
You are like a gentle wave
In the heart of Mother Nature.
Jai -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You dress according to season
White or dark that enhances Your beauty.
Your eyes have
Calmness of autumn moonlight.
You are beautiful in all seasons
But are most charming
When dressed in colorful fragrant spring flowers.
In the summer You are blessed
With sun-soaked prosperity.
Mother of great times,
You are victorious.
You are the image of
Srength, action and code of conduct.
You are the dawn of the time.
You have your own brilliance
Like a light from the lamp.
 You taught all to write poems
 And sing songs
 To spread the message of Bhagwan (God).
 You evoke strength, brilliance and love.
 You inspire pure sublime energy.

Not dated.

Ode to Rajasthan (Rajasthan)

Oh, eternal Rajasthan!

 You, handsome, respectable, proud land,
 Provide strength to those
 Who seek shelter.

Oh, eternal-----------------------------------------------------

 Your high Abu Mountain is
 Suffused with the memories of bravery of
Orange colored clothed soldiers,
Who opted for freedom
Rather than surrender.

Oh, eternal ----------------------------------------------------------
Your eyes blaze
With strong determination
And your chest itself is a shield.
You are a land of brave Bheema
Defined by the
Blood of Rajputs.
You are the pride jewel of India
And gift from the Almighty (God).

Oh, eternal --------------------------------------------------------------------

Personified by
Meera’s (a well known devotee’s) pure devotion
And valiant fame of generous Pratap (unyielding Rajput king)
Are your gifts to humanity.
Your sacred fire (Johar) and
Victorious history is pride of nation.

Oh, eternal---------------------------------------------------------------------

Bravery is your code of conduct of life,
Valor is your duty,
And fearlessness is your secret,
That conquers even death.

Oh, eternal----------------------------------------------------------------------

July 1925. Sabarmati.

My Life to You (Jeevan Nisar)

My motherland,
My only obsession is
That my life
Should always belong to you.
                   Your plants, flowers and trees are
                   My own treasures.
                   Bunch of deer and flocks of birds
                   Are my friends.
                   Your boulders, rocks gravel
                   Are my deities.
Your mountains, river and waterfalls
Are my home.
                   Your charming sounds
                   Are voices of universe for me.
                   Your lovely beauty
                   Exceeds heavenly splendor. 
Your silent guiding
Finger energizes me.
Your every particle
Eternally evokes awareness in me.
1926. Ajmer.

Hymn of life (Jeevan Mantra)

 New life,
 New message,
 New strength,
 New encouragement,
 New source,
 And new sacrifice
 With new determination
 Is the hymn of my life.

Oct 1926, Ajmer.

How? (Kaisay)

How can I sing the victory song?
While singing the victory song,
My victory changed into my defeat.

So many lakhs of people injured
Or died,
That world has become very humble.

People are trembling with fear.
The houses are vacant
As there are no occupants.
Only sound,
One hears is the
Miserable cry of the wounded friends.
Mother Nature is sad and restless.
What kind of victory is this?

Not just the man
Even the animals are
Afraid of this victory.
How can I live my life
When so many are dead?

How can I sing the victory song?

29th May 1931. Ajmer.

Path of love (Prem-Panth)

Brain says
“The moth, which burns in the flame of the lamp, is blind”.

It is not proper but
The prostitute uses her body for the business.

One, who is
Afraid of sacrificing the life,
Lives in the darkness.
Enlighten the life of others
Is the way to live life.
“Save your life and live happily”
Is the message from the wise.
“Die to make the world live”
Is the path of lovers of motherland.

1932. Ajmer Jail.

Blind World (Andha Sansar)

This is a strange and blind world!

Strength of the humanity is wasting,
Technology is flourishing,
Joblessness is increasing
And restlessness is spreading.
The pen and paper on the table
Are used to make large projects
For the big organizations.
Hundreds of documents are prepared.
 Many knowledgeable people
Put their thoughts together.
National or international
Consultations are sought.

But no one notices that
Houses are empty and
The lamps in the homes are no more lit.

Not dated.

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