Background of Durvadal
Durvadal >> Worship of Poverty
Khadi (locally grown cotton)

“Do not have enough clothes
  To cover the body”

“Abdomen has sunken in
 Due to hunger”

“National culture and art
  Has become widow”

“All the wealth and treasures
Of our own country are
Gone to the other side of the ocean”

“We have become slaves of the foreigners
And feel comfortable living like that”

“What is the easiest solution of all these problems
 And path that leads to freedom?”

 “Discard the foreign goods
  And clothes
 And wear Khadi”.

  11th March 1932. Sabarmati.

Fire of dissolution (Pralay-agni)

Prabhu, when the flame of the fire will start?
When fire from the bright sun will
Ultimately burn this world?

When the loud thunder of the clouds will
Produce fierce electric storm?
When the volcanoes will
Spit the fire
And the intense restlessness of the earth will
End into the life-threatening earthquake?

 Let me tell you,
The fire within me is brighter
Than your sun. 
Send this message of
Cataclysm of the universe by becoming Shiv (God of destruction).

That fire will purify
All sins and
Truth and justice will
Re-establish their authority.

13th May 1923. Sabarmati.

My resting place (Mera Vishram)

I do not want
My name to be written
In the history books.

I do not want
To be mentioned
In the pride patriotic songs.

 I wish always to
Remember your auspicious name.
I wish to live to
Help the sad and unhappy lives.

 And may my final resting place
 Always stay with them.

1930. Ajmer Jail.

Prisoner (Kaidi)

I am a prisoner, hey respected one!
My caste, state and country are unique.

 Even with the animals,
 One is friendly and feels closeness.
Prisoner is considered
Worse than a dog.
He is happy to
Get anything
That is edible.
You give food and water to the animal
With pride and love.

A prisoner lives
An insulted life.

I am cursed, beaten
And forced to tolerate all cruelty.
I am treated
Worse than an animal.

 Is there no humanity
Left in the world?
Once I was a human.
Will I be that again, my Yaduraj (Krishna)?

1932. Ajmer Jail.

Strength of the strength-less is Ram (Nirbal Ke Bal Ram)

Everyone insults the weak.

The world recognizes and respects
The power of position, wealth
And physical strength.

Powerful should
Feel pride in serving and protecting weak
But they avoid them like dirt.
Greedy accumulate wealth by any means.

Both powerful and weak
Have forgotten their duties;
Both are living but are dead.

When power fever comes down,
The wealthy will recognize
Their weakness
And recognize
The power of invincible strength of Ram (God).

Power of the riches
Achieve many worldly pleasures and objects.
Weak get the power
From the creator and manager
Of the universe Almighty Bhagwan (God).

1932. Ajmer Jail.

Best wishes (Shubheshcha)

May we all stay truthful,

Fearless and pure.

May we perform

Our duties and

Do not get defeated

By sorrows and unhappiness.

1945. National week.

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